I’m preparing for my presentation, “Jesus Made Me a Communist” this coming Saturday. I’ve been reading up on Communist philosophy, and this piece below is a great short defense of Communism against classical objections.

Originally posted on It's Not Easy Being Red:

A while ago, I wrote a post listing brief counterarguments to the claims usually used to “disprove” Communism. To this day, it’s been one of the most read pieces I’ve written, so I thought it might be time to expand it a bit. Written below are the most common arguments people use against Communism, and my responses to them.


Communism Has Been “Tried and Failed”:

The problem with this commonly used argument is that more or less everything has been tried and failed. Take democracy for example. Can I argue that democracy is a futile endeavor because it failed not once but multiple times it was tried?

If I recall, democracy didn’t work for the Athenians.

And the republic didn’t exactly wind up being a lasting facet of Roman society.

Even in America, democratic government needed to be reworked- but despite the many failed attempts at democracy…

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  1. Glad you liked it.

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