The Aims of Economic Revolution

“Complete freedom implies equality, since if there are rich and poor, the poor cannot be permitted to take liberties with riches. Complete equality implies freedom, since those who suffer restrictions cannot be the equals of those who impose them.” Donald Rooum, What is Anarchism? (1992) ——————————————————————————— The primary aim of a just economic system should […]

Against the “Death-Systems” (Part Two)

Psychoanalytical theory declares that the end of the road is the dominion of death-in-life. History has brought [hu]mankind to that pinnacle on which the total obliteration of [hu]mankind is at last a practical possibility. At this moment of history the friends of the life instinct must warn that the victory of death is by no […]

An Erotic Cosmos? Relationality at the Heart of All Things

Recently, I drew a figure of the eightfold systemic struggle domains with an eye to illustrating the interrelationship of these systems. ¬†For some time, I have found it likely that systemic struggles were not all equally weighted in terms of social revolution, but making this figure produced some striking results. My basic idea was that […]