The Revolutionary Potential

The ruling classes throughout human history have dominated their populations by multiple means. They have monopolized and controlled political power, armies & security forces, economic relations, sex/gender roles, religious institutions, racial privilege, and ecological conditions & resources. As modern technology enables global travel and communications on an unprecedented scale, these originally local and provincial means […]

Progress?! You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

“…the unevenness of historical development of different countries and continents is in itself uneven. European countries develop unevenly in relation to one another. Nevertheless it can be maintained with absolute historical certainty that not a single one of these countries is fated, at least in the historical epoch under review, to run so far ahead in relation to […]

The Name Game: What’s My “Line?”

Today, one of the political boards I frequent took a poll of the group’s ideologies. It ran the gamut from Marxist-Leninist to Anarcho-Communist to Liberation Theology. I really like the diversity of that group, but I couldn’t really find my own label there. I did add one, “Post-Anarchist (Leftist).” I probably think a bit too […]