Towards A Transformative Integrative Social Ecology of Inequality

“For traditional marxists, only a fundamental transformation in the economic sphere constitutes a social revolution. A change in ruling class and in the “mode of production” is a social revolution, whereas equally drastic changes in state, cultural, or kinship relations are not. For these marxists, drastic changes in the “superstructure” may contribute to a social […]

To Be or Not To Be A Marxist

(Note: this blog posting is being republished here from its original post to Symptomatic Redness, which will be deleted in the near future.) The Trouble With Marxism Though I am profoundly influenced by Marx & Marxists, I also have serious reservations about calling myself a Marxist. I also wish to address a wider public which […]

The Problem of “Vulgar” Pacifism

“When we look at societies via any monist theory, most dimensions of differences among people are reduced to peripheral concern.” Albert, Michael, et al. Liberating Therory I’ve been a pacifist since a child. I remember discussing the Vietnam War with my Pentecostal father during the election of 1972, when I was 9 years old. As an adult, […]