Radical Progress < Radical Righteous Love < Peoples Communist Bible Study: A Trajectory


(This will very likely be the final posting on this version of the Radical Progress blog, which will be absorbed into new projects as described below. It’s been a great ride!)

Dear readers,

I am on the verge of a shift in my online blogging and podcasting work. I am very excited about the possibilities ahead. I want to recap the timeline that led to this stage:

2010 – “Radical Progress” blog created at <radicalprogress.info> to structure a possible future book length work on sociopolitical theory, specifically the articulation of an integrative revolutionary social ecology.

2011 September – Began school at Northwestern University to earn degree in Political Science.

2011 November – New blog <leftistquaker.wordpress.com> to develop a more religious expression of my radical vision.

2012 June – Essay titled: “Jesus Made Me a Communist: Not a Christian” written for a nonfiction class.

2012 July – Joined Socialist Party USA.

2012 December – First public presentation of “Jesus Made Me a Communist” for Chicago College of Complexes forum.

2013-2015 – Continued working on Radical Progress blog and completing degree at NU.

2014 – Began Radical Righteous Love podcast. Joined Peoples Church of Chicago after lengthy search for a racially integrated urban congregation.

2015 – Final decision to enter seminary at Meadville Lombard Theological School and pursue professional ministry in the Unitarian Universalist Association.

2016-17 – “Peoples Communist Bible Studay” podcast series takes on the Gospel of Luke.

The next 2 steps listed have yet to occur:

2018 May – Graduated from MLTS with Master of Divinity.

2018 June – Lauched 12 session public meetings of the Peoples’ Communist Bible Study at Peoples Church.

2018 Sept. – Obtain preliminary fellowship in the UUA as a minister

2019 Jan. – Ordination.



  1. Peoples’ Communist Bible Study: The PCBS will be shaped into a sort of catechetical education into the theo-political vision that will be embodied in the next project.
  2. The Pilgrimage Gathering: The launch of the Peoples’ Communist Bible Study is the preliminary step towards creating an alternative kind of religious community. In some ways, this new community will look like a church, in other ways it will be very different. This community is tentatively named, “The Pilgrimage Gathering.” It is hoped that it will grow into a residential intentional community.
  3. Radical Progress Initiative: The “Pilgrimage Gathering” will be explicitly committed to radical politics, in contrast to the usual conservative or moderate stance of most existing churches, and in contrast to the usual liberal political orientation of Unitarian Universalist congregations. To advance this political vision, a publishing project tentatively called, “The Radical Progress Initiative” will be launched to carry on the work of the original blog by that name offering political analysis and theory.
  4. Radical Righteous Love website: The new RRL website will become a new blog, podcast, and video broadcast platform to promote the religious vision of the PCBS and Pilgrimage Gathering.
  5. Communist Love & Freedom Project: The CLFP will be a mostly secular forum and think tank designed to continue developing the theoretical analysis of the sort begun in the original Radical Progress blog. It will be open to activists and scholars who find the project of rethinking communism for the 21st century to be a vital task.

The future is wide open: It is hoped that as each of these projects matures that a substantive contribution to a revolutionary transformation of the world will be possible.

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