The Reproduction of Domesticity: Gender Construction in the New Economy

“Because of the seemingly natural connection between women’s childbearing and lactation capacities and their responsibility for child care, and because humans need extended care in childhood, women’s mothering has been taken for granted. It has been assumed as inevitable by social scientists, by many feminists, and certainly by those opposed to feminism. As a result, […]

Towards A Transformative Integrative Social Ecology of Inequality

“For traditional marxists, only a fundamental transformation in the economic sphere constitutes a social revolution. A change in ruling class and in the “mode of production” is a social revolution, whereas equally drastic changes in state, cultural, or kinship relations are not. For these marxists, drastic changes in the “superstructure” may contribute to a social […]

To Be or Not To Be A Marxist

(Note: this blog posting is being republished here from its original post to Symptomatic Redness, which will be deleted in the near future.) The Trouble With Marxism Though I am profoundly influenced by Marx & Marxists, I also have serious reservations about calling myself a Marxist. I also wish to address a wider public which […]

The Problem of “Vulgar” Pacifism

“When we look at societies via any monist theory, most dimensions of differences among people are reduced to peripheral concern.” Albert, Michael, et al. Liberating Therory I’ve been a pacifist since a child. I remember discussing the Vietnam War with my Pentecostal father during the election of 1972, when I was 9 years old. As an adult, […]

Brief Comment on Integrative Radicalism

Just as modernity made overcoming class conceivable, it also made overcoming racism conceivable. By the same token, it made overcoming sexism, authoritarianism, and other ancient systems of domination seem achievable. Marxism focused on economic class as its central category. Nationalism made ethnicity central. Radical feminism made gender central, and anarchism made authoritarianism central. Each grasped […]

Two Questions on Political Philosophy

I’m currently working on a degree in Political Science and just finished a fun course in introductory political theory. I thought I’d post the final exam essay questions and my answers as a blog post. Plato argues that people should be philosophical. Machiavelli argues that people should exercise a certain form of virtue. Tocqueville argues that people […]

The Revolutionary Potential

The ruling classes throughout human history have dominated their populations by multiple means. They have monopolized and controlled political power, armies & security forces, economic relations, sex/gender roles, religious institutions, racial privilege, and ecological conditions & resources. As modern technology enables global travel and communications on an unprecedented scale, these originally local and provincial means […]

Progress?! You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

“…the unevenness of historical development of different countries and continents is in itself uneven. European countries develop unevenly in relation to one another. Nevertheless it can be maintained with absolute historical certainty that not a single one of these countries is fated, at least in the historical epoch under review, to run so far ahead in relation to […]

The Name Game: What’s My “Line?”

Today, one of the political boards I frequent took a poll of the group’s ideologies. It ran the gamut from Marxist-Leninist to Anarcho-Communist to Liberation Theology. I really like the diversity of that group, but I couldn’t really find my own label there. I did add one, “Post-Anarchist (Leftist).” I probably think a bit too […]

The Racist Paradox of Modernity: Are Capitalism, Socialism, Science, and Democracy Hopelessly Racist?

“The great paradox of Western modernity is that democracy flourished for Europeans, especially men of property, alongside the flowering of the transatlantic slave trade and New World slavery. Global capitalism and nascent nationalisms were predicated initially on terrors and horrors visited on enslaved Africans on the way to, or in, the New World. This tragic […]

Peace, Love, & Revolution!

About a year ago I changed my email signature to “Peace, Love, & Revolution!” to reflect my radical views on social change, which I’d begun to try and articulate more thoroughly via this blog. Before that point, I’d just had “Peace!” as my tag. One of my pacifist friends asked me if “revolution” meant nonviolent […]

2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2011. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the […]

On the Responsibility of “Religious Moderates”

I’ve been involved with the Quaker community for 14 years. Before that, I was a Pentecostal, but on the very tiny “left-wing” of that tradition. I know first-hand the wonderful things that a religion can accomplish, and also, as a survivor of child abuse at the hands of my Pentecostal preacher father, the horror of […]

Towards a Psycho-Politics of Love & Death

It is one of the great romantic visions, clearly formulated by Schiller and Herder as early as 1793 and still vital in the systems of Hegel and Marx, that the history of mankind consists in a departure from a condition of undifferentiated primal unity with himself and with nature, an intermediate period in which man’s […]