Women as Revolutionaries: Gender Dynamics of Social Change

“Women as a sex class, then, do have potential disruptive power in the interconnected systems of capitalist and patriarchal sex/affective production. If women refuse to do their work as presently organized, neither capitalism nor patriarchy could continue to function.” Ann Ferguson, Blood at the Root (1989) _______________________________________________________ The revolutionary potential of women is missing from the […]

Socialist Feminism

“We need not merely a synthesis of feminism with traditional Marxism, but also a thoroughly feminist historical materialism, which regards the social relations of a particular historical formation as one system in which gender differentiation is a core atribtute.” Iris Marion Young – Socialist Feminism and the Limits of Dual Systems Theory

Class Struggle & Family System: A Fragmentary Comment on Psychoanalysis and Class Society

I am very interested in a fusion of feminism, Socialism/Marxism, and psychoanalysis/sexual psychology. My concerns are similar to those that animated the Frankfurt School and today Žižek, why do the masses seem to gravitate towards the Right? What can progressives do to intervene for emancipatory ends in the social sphere? Freud’s theory of eros, death […]