Socialists, the Democrats, and Bernie Sanders

The struggle to transform the USA’s climate-destroying, poverty-perpetuating economy into one that contributes to emancipating our world will take decades, but one thing that struggle does need is a radical party that is truly dedicated the struggle of the people, not capitalist interests. The Democratic Party is not such a party, nor is it likely to become […]

Revolution and Islamism: 2 Essays

Iran’s Revolution: Religion and Revolution in a Post-Secular Register Looking back at the Iranian Revolution from the present, two events stand as critical indicators of the importance of this revolution; first, the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001; and second, the collapse of the Soviet Union and […]

State-Building In Africa: An Attempt at a Critical Survey of the Problems

  Introduction A superficial comparison of the political regimes of African and European nations in terms of “strong”, “weak”, and “failed” states conventionally places most European states in the strong category, with many African states falling into the weak and failed category. This general schema has been developed by Jeffrey Herbst, among others, through decades […]

Radical (Left) Journalism: Analysis and Overview

Journalism has been described as the “first draft of history.” While it may not be literally true, in the course of daily life most of us acquire a significant portion of our knowledge of current events from a news source such as television, newspapers, radio, magazines, or, more recently, news websites. The “fourth estate” is […]

Two Questions on Political Philosophy

I’m currently working on a degree in Political Science and just finished a fun course in introductory political theory. I thought I’d post the final exam essay questions and my answers as a blog post. Plato argues that people should be philosophical. Machiavelli argues that people should exercise a certain form of virtue. Tocqueville argues that people […]

Radical Political Strategy

As I’ve gone back over the past few years of blogging I’ve done, I found that nowhere had I done an extended essay on political strategy from a radical left perspective. I have done such strategic writing on religion, feminism, and other categories of the “eightfold revolution”, but somehow my views on politics proper, the […]