The Revolutionary Potential

The ruling classes throughout human history have dominated their populations by multiple means. They have monopolized and controlled political power, armies & security forces, economic relations, sex/gender roles, religious institutions, racial privilege, and ecological conditions & resources. As modern technology enables global travel and communications on an unprecedented scale, these originally local and provincial means […]

On the Responsibility of “Religious Moderates”

I’ve been involved with the Quaker community for 14 years. Before that, I was a Pentecostal, but on the very tiny “left-wing” of that tradition. I know first-hand the wonderful things that a religion can accomplish, and also, as a survivor of child abuse at the hands of my Pentecostal preacher father, the horror of […]

Narcissism, Religion, and Unfreedom: The Politics of PostModern Disconnectedness

“…faith happens best in communities, in groups of flawed but striving people who resist the lure of a narcissistic DIY spirituality in favor of something richer…” ┬áJana Riess, “The Inadequacies of “Spiritual Not Religious.” Flunking Sainthood blog at Beliefnet. _________________________________________________________________ Religion’s contemporary forms are a mere shadow of the former glory of “The One True […]

The Radical Jesus: A Revolutionary Gospel?

The gospel of Jesus was one of the earliest influences on my life. Raised Pentecostal, the teachings of Jesus and the stories of the early Christians came together with my childhood experiences to shape a radically countercultural theology. Jesus wasn’t just a savior promising us heaven above, but a revolutionary forming a nonviolent organized counterforce […]

The Infinite Depths of Radical Love

Everyday a new horror arises to haunt one’s soul. Death, suffering, and powerlessness challenge even the strongest hearts. The struggle to hold on to hope, courage, and life itself must be won anew against each shocking sorrow. It is no wonder that many turn from facing the depths of the abyss. Seeking for some relief […]