Women as Revolutionaries: Gender Dynamics of Social Change

“Women as a sex class, then, do have potential disruptive power in the interconnected systems of capitalist and patriarchal sex/affective production. If women refuse to do their work as presently organized, neither capitalism nor patriarchy could continue to function.” Ann Ferguson, Blood at the Root (1989) _______________________________________________________ The revolutionary potential of women is missing from the […]

Revolutionary Agency: In Whose Interests?

Who will struggle for revolutionary change? Many answers have been given in the past. Marxists identify the working class as that sector of society with a vested interest in overthrowing capitalism. Black Power advocates identify people of color as the sector with a vested interest in overturning White Supremacy. Radical Feminism identifies women as bearing […]

Narcissism, Religion, and Unfreedom: The Politics of PostModern Disconnectedness

“…faith happens best in communities, in groups of flawed but striving people who resist the lure of a narcissistic DIY spirituality in favor of something richer…”  Jana Riess, “The Inadequacies of “Spiritual Not Religious.” Flunking Sainthood blog at Beliefnet. _________________________________________________________________ Religion’s contemporary forms are a mere shadow of the former glory of “The One True […]

The Aims of Economic Revolution

“Complete freedom implies equality, since if there are rich and poor, the poor cannot be permitted to take liberties with riches. Complete equality implies freedom, since those who suffer restrictions cannot be the equals of those who impose them.” Donald Rooum, What is Anarchism? (1992) ——————————————————————————— The primary aim of a just economic system should […]

An Erotic Cosmos? Relationality at the Heart of All Things

Recently, I drew a figure of the eightfold systemic struggle domains with an eye to illustrating the interrelationship of these systems.  For some time, I have found it likely that systemic struggles were not all equally weighted in terms of social revolution, but making this figure produced some striking results. My basic idea was that […]

Naming the (Multi-)System (Part One)

My political philosophy has always assumed a multi-systemic approach. I was never terribly attracted to the idea that our most important systemic enemy was capitalism as claimed by socialists, nor authoritarianism as claimed by anarchists, though both of these struggles are still pivotal battles within the global revolution we so sorely need. The analysis and […]

Humanitarian Intervention – Just War in the Name of Peace?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, in paragraph 2309, lists four strict conditions for “legitimate defense by military force”: the damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain; all other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective; […]

Our African Humanity: Towards an Ecology of Racism

“…the time has passed when the so-called race question can be relegated to secondary or tertiary theoretical significance. In fact, to take seriously the multileveled oppression of peoples of color is to raise fundamental questions regarding the very conditions for the possibility of the modern West, the diverse forms and styles of European rationality and […]

The Radical Jesus: A Revolutionary Gospel?

The gospel of Jesus was one of the earliest influences on my life. Raised Pentecostal, the teachings of Jesus and the stories of the early Christians came together with my childhood experiences to shape a radically countercultural theology. Jesus wasn’t just a savior promising us heaven above, but a revolutionary forming a nonviolent organized counterforce […]

Socialist Feminism

“We need not merely a synthesis of feminism with traditional Marxism, but also a thoroughly feminist historical materialism, which regards the social relations of a particular historical formation as one system in which gender differentiation is a core atribtute.” Iris Marion Young – Socialist Feminism and the Limits of Dual Systems Theory

Class Struggle & Family System: A Fragmentary Comment on Psychoanalysis and Class Society

I am very interested in a fusion of feminism, Socialism/Marxism, and psychoanalysis/sexual psychology. My concerns are similar to those that animated the Frankfurt School and today Žižek, why do the masses seem to gravitate towards the Right? What can progressives do to intervene for emancipatory ends in the social sphere? Freud’s theory of eros, death […]

The Infinite Depths of Radical Love

Everyday a new horror arises to haunt one’s soul. Death, suffering, and powerlessness challenge even the strongest hearts. The struggle to hold on to hope, courage, and life itself must be won anew against each shocking sorrow. It is no wonder that many turn from facing the depths of the abyss. Seeking for some relief […]